The customized store font design is to enable sellers to stand out from the crowd and showcase their business using a custom built page to increase their sales revenue.


1) To create your own home page on eBay where you can showcase all your items in organized fashion

2) Ability to bring in new and repeat buyers to you page browse your offerings

3) Customization features that help build your brand on your eBay store

4) Exclusive marketing and merchandising tools and opportunities as well as tools sharing pricing insights

5) Tips on how to increase sales through things like competitive shipping costs

6) Opportunities to offer eBay sales and discounts to eBay buyers

7) Customer return policy

8) Customizable storefront homepage

9) Controllable "Featured Items “to display your merchandise

10) Store category to organize your merchandise


1) Many custom or template eBay store designs are Java script based which is not compatible ever since eBay issued its ban on active content back in June 2017. Those who purchased designs or templates realized that suddenly they were not functioning properly and are hesitant to pay for any designs.

2) Mobile commerce is explosive and as more and more people are intended to purchase directly through mobile apps. A lot of the design magic which was not affected by the active content ban was taking place using HTML in the product description section but often product descriptions are not in detail in mobile devices.

3) Similarly eBay rolled out “Group Similar Listings" which allows desktop browsers to search for similar products but displays them in a way where the buyer sees the picture, prices and specifications but not the description part and thereby people make a purchase directly from the search penultimately making the designs somewhat obsolete.


1) Do it Yourself:- Is very popular movement in recent years can be the go-to option for some people who are amateur sellers with low inventory turnover.

2) Good Store Design:- Create a good store design that enhances your store user or shopper experience a thereby help you sell more merchandise in short as well as long term and thus make more memorable for users and thus they will be enticed to keep coming back.

3) Custom made designs:- A unique store design and branding mediums such as custom-tailored banners and logos having a quality looking and well-designed eBay store is crucial when it comes to closing a deal. People tend to buy from store which looks more professional and which exude an air of expertise.

4) Highlights:- Good store designs will often highlight the products which are on sale and also do a good job at cross promoting your items thereby inflating your customers shopping cart.


Html5, CSS3, font-awesome, etc

"Business Benefits"

A store on eBay offers an advantage similar to having an offline storefront-the ability to create atmosphere and context in which customers can make emotional connections. In other words, an eBay stories good for branding. Stores further enhance the buyer experience by letting you “decorate "your store with a logo and banner. And much like a physical store you can organize all of your current listings into various categories instead of having them scatter-shot across the eBay marketplace. Additionally, eBay offers you tools to perform email marketing campaigns and offer promotions.
eBay enable you to accept payments. This is done primarily through PayPal; which eBay owns and is user friendly. basically, you are getting a low-cost online checkout service that you don’t have to maintain.
In addition to aforementioned benefits you can manage your eBay store not only from your business laptop or computer but also from a mobile device using the iOS, Android windows, blackberry platforms. The eBay Mobile App lets you track all of your eBay activity including your sales activity in your store.