Sears Marketplace Services

Sears Marketplace is an online ecommerce market that allows you to sell your products as well as advertise them on Sears’ website. Like Walmart Marketplace or Target+, you use these big-name companies’ websites for marketing your products to people who browse their site.

Benefits of Selling on Sears Marketplace –

Sell on Sears Marketplace –Sell on Sears Marketplace, you put in the work to sell your products. If you choose this option, you get to post product listings and sell those products on Sears’s website. When customers order your products, Sears processes the request. You’ll get a system-generated document that outlines the details of the order. From that point, you must fulfill the order and ship it out to the customer on your own. If you choose this option, you’re doing the work yourself you must fulfill the orders and ship them on your own. Sears will only process the orders for you and expect you to handle it from that point.

Sell through Sears –Sell through Sears, also known as Fulfilled by Sears, is an excellent option for people who want to sell their products but don’t have time to dedicate to handling the orders. With Sell through Sears, you ship the products you want to sell to Sears’ warehouse. Once the products arrive, Sears will inventory and store your products. When someone places an order, Sears will fulfill the order from their warehouse and ship it to the customers.

Advertise with Sears –The last option you have is to Advertise with Sears. When you Advertise with Sears, you can reach a broad audience of shoppers on their site and get them to take an interest in your products. It’s an excellent way for you to showcase your brand or unique products that resonate with your audience.

  • Your items are on a well-known brand’s website –When you sell your products on Sears Marketplace, your customers will trust your brand. Since you’re backed up by Sears, they’ll feel more confident about purchasing products from you.

  • Your items appear with Sears’ items –When your items are integrated with Sears’, it increases clicks and engagement with your products. Since your products appear together, it will look like your products are from Sears, which makes people more likely to check them out.

  • You have access to millions of Sears shoppers –Sears has 15 million unique visitors per month. You have a large pool of people you can reach with your relevant products, which helps you expand your reach.

  • You have access to 20 major merchandise categories –Sears offers a diverse number of products. Whether you sell jewelry or tools, there’s a category for nearly every type of business.

  • You don’t have to commit long-term –Since you pay for Sears’s platform per month, you can cancel and stop selling at any time. Sears doesn’t require you to commit long term, so you have the flexibility to sell for as long as you want.

Our Sears Services

CME provide services to small, medium all type of seller to stand out from the business competition. We give first priority to your requirements. We work with you through every step of process.

Sears is a leading integrated and growing marketplace. Sears help your company to reach millions of customers. CME help you to uploading products quickly and successfully on this marketplace.

We can help you to setup and running smoothly in no time. We have years of experienced expertise on this marketplace.

  • We write different type of business rules.
  • Bulk product uploading services.
  • Inventory and shipping setup services.
  • Product variations like color, size, images, etc.
  • Tax Mapping, pricing and repricing services.
  • We offer professional photo editing and photo retouching services.
  • Manual Data Feed services.