Project Objective

The aim of the software is to incorporate a ISDT software to automate all the functionalities of the college. The reason to develop a software is to reduce paper work and save time, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing work load.


The software will provide information about the college for both students and lecturers information, course time and duration, exam notifications and reminder dates and students details.


In today's era of burgeoning competition in education sector, managing educational institutions is tough job. The main part of any organization, institution or any sector the main part is synchronization which is most challenging as well as tedious. Taking into picture there are number of hindrances while preparing a software for college. This is how ISDT software developed by CME have helped to overcome these challenges to bring out efficiency and productivity at its best.

  • Campus Management Productivity: - This is the biggest struggle for educators of college to maintain endless records of students and other administrative activities.

  • Student Retention and Student Success: - Plentiful educational institutions out and due to cutting edge completion, it has become crucial to meet expectations of students as well as college reputation.

  • Data Security: - In this age of digital revolution, there are multiple threats revolving around data like malware, phishing, obsolete outdate technology. Unawareness towards the vulnerability of data loss. Any educational institute/college is more prone to threats owing to important research papers and patents etc. and thus it becomes very crucial to ensure data safety and security at topmost priority.

  • Staff line Management: - The main objective is to ensure development of college and making to improve teaching methodologies more productive and result oriented. But due to day-to-day tasks done manually it might take away enthusiasm and leave any time for creative inputs and innovation for staff.

  • Cost Saving Management: - Providing excellent education and delivering quality is main aspect of any college. Thus, it doesn’t hide the fact that credibility of a college not only depends on staff, campus or other aspects but it depends on the major aspect that is finance/revenue i.e., Return on Investment which does play a major factor in whole run of a college administration.


1) To make departments in sync, the ISDT software will help to perform a specific task within the time and effectively the time will be utilized and thus productivity metrics are achievable.

2) With cutting edge competition in technology and multiple integration, the software will help to ensure to keep the data intact and create a smoother and faster information flow.

3) With the help of this software the data is encrypted with high security with authentic credentials and it will also keep a backup service and offer disaster recovery in options in case of server failures.

4) Communication will become easier through this software. And also, able to check information whenever required from the portal and get prior notification and updates.

5) ISDT software will help to automate all mundane academic tasks such as admission and enrollment management, Program and cores registration and Time Table generation, Attendance records, Syllabus Tracking, Exam notifications, FEE Reminders. Thus, will help to keep these tasks in check and in line and make it more coherent, simple and more accessible.


HTML5, Css3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.

"Business Benefits"

With our simple yet innovative dashboard designs you will feel simpler and easy to recognize key features of the software and enjoy convenient navigation.
one of the major benefits is that it is accessible 24*7
Traces of communication between staff college and student are highly important to learning procedures of any college. And thus, this software's interactive elements will help for smooth communication.
The master brains at the back of this technical excellence have developed the most user-friendly platform that enhances the user experience at fullest. Thus, its user interface is designed in such a way to that it becomes easier to navigate, accessible and more reliable.
Our advance system can assure you the things u need to meet by utilizing our product we offer you to meet your all possibilities and to statist your needs by customizing the products as per client’s expectations is our mail motto.
The Talented Specialists over here offer you protection against all the possible threats that a software can encounter. And also, all the data store in a clod so that no need to worry for any loss of any crucial data because of our inbuilt security feature this software provides which also has an additional backup functionality feature which is an added USP of this Software designed by us.
In recent times of COVID-19 pandemic, each of us has realized the importance of resources provided to us and thus we too raise the importance of protecting environment at our end. Thus, the software developed by us is virtually helping to make a heathier environment. Basically, the use of this software will help for less wastage of paper.
Our Professional developers are there for you to assist you anytime. If have any queries and clarifications feel free to reach our Technical Team and they will revert you back and assist you.