ebay Store Design & Product Listing

Ebay is the world's online marketplace, a place for buyers and sellers to come together and trade almost anything. it is available in many different countries However; you can search for products available in your local area by entering the zip code. Alternatively, you can search for products available nationally or internationally. Anyone can open an eBay account for free. The real draw for eBay buyers and sellers is the completely capitalistic nature of the site.

CME includes

  • Product page design with three columns.
  • Category with auto update.
  • Cross promotion Column
  • Image gallery with thumbnails.
  • Custom design and mobile responsive page.
  • Seller info pages.
  • Scrolling product gallery
  • Revise product listing in bulk
  • Export for all third-party tools
  • User Friendly design
  • Full installation
  • full ebay store setup
  • pricing
  • inventory settings
  • error fixing
  • Image optimization.
  • Crawl all product data form ebay.

Advantages of eBay–

i) Instant Trust-Customers buying on eBay have protection against scams and bad service. Having eBay act as a third-party arbitrator means customers feel much safer going out on a limb and buying from you, even if they’ve never heard of your company before. That translates into you having to work much less for each sale.

ii) The Option to Auction–eBay first became famous for its auctions and has remained the top auction marketplace on the web ever since. This gives you much more flexibility as a seller you can put items up for auction to get a higher price. The option to set a reserve price ensures that you won’t sell something for a fraction of what it’s worth.

iii) Excellent SEO–Although eBay is not quite the equal of Amazon on Google, it has great search engine optimization. That means high chances of people searching on Google and winding up on your product’s listing, without you ever building a website.

iv) Lower Fees–While Other shopping sites typically charges about 15% plus other fees per sale, eBay usually charges 10% (though it's closer to 13% when you count payment processing like PayPal). The fees can quickly add up on either website, but the lower percentage on eBay means you will generally make a bigger profit per sale there. Plus, you can drop your fees even lower by becoming a Top-Rated Seller or subscribing to an eBay Store plan.

v) Shipping Assistance–One of the best benefits of selling on eBay is that sellers get access to remarkable savings on shipping, sometimes as high as 52% off. The lower shipping costs will make your listings more attractive to buyers. They also give you a competitive edge over marketplaces that don’t offer discounts like those. In addition, their Global Shipping Program makes it easy for U.S. sellers to ship to anywhere in the world. This can be an enormous timesaver.

vi) A Giant Market–EBay currently has 183 million active users, it’s still the equivalent of more than half the US population. That’s an incredible level of exposure for your product listings and means that your potential for sales is almost limitless.

Our Store Designs

ebay Store Design

CME take on your project at high level with unique ebay store design. CME have been specializing in design high quality and custom ebay store and listing template.

CME turns your ebay store into your mini website with your branding, promotion and banner. We offer full custom store front end design. We are listing your product in bulk.

We design mobile friendly, responsive and custom ebay template with rotating banner, customization ebay store pages, about page and policy pages.

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CME provide services to small, medium all type of seller to stand out from the business competition. We give first priority to your requirements. We work with you through every step of process.

We believe in the power of authentic branding and custom-tailored layouts. CME offers design, development and marketing services.

According to your need we design your store with latest technology. We can also use third party tools for eBay listing programs like: ChannelAdvisor, SolidCommerce, SellerCloud, ChannelUnity and more.