Channel Advisor


Channel Advisor's automated repricing capabilities automatically adjust your prices to remain competitive and align with your goals. So, whether you are looking to win the buy box or simply move the stale inventory, thus our mix of proprietary technologies can provide solution for the same


JBJ Supply, Webster, Green supply, Baston LLC, Honor Trading, ProPiercing, etc.


“Our company experts provide hands-on guidance to keep your business growing” ChannelAdvisor’s suite of Consulting Services provides direct access to our team of marketplace and digital marketing experts for short-term engagements. Whether you’re just getting started with Marketplaces and need a comprehensive selling plan or simply needing a quick campaign tune-up, Consulting Services has a project plan that can help.


  • 1) Algorithmic Repricing (for amazon, eBay and Walmart)- Channel Advisor’s algorithmic pricing technology has one goal that is help you win buy box or best offer position while maximizing profits.
  • 2) Rule -Based Repricing- When our intelligent, rule based reprice detects a price changes in products you carry it, it looks at the business you have created and strategically adjusts your prices
  • 3) Velocity Repricing:- Product prices are adjusted automatically based on your goals - whether you want to extract more margin or fast selling products or lower prices when sales are low.
  • 4) Pricing Flexibility- Set SKU level maximum and minimum prices to meet your business requirements. use repricing techniques individually or in combination.
  • 5) Amazon pricing Console- discover pricing opportunities and gain deep insights into product performance on amazon including pricing trends and Buy Box performance and also monitor the competitive environment.
  • 6) Unmatched Scale in Comprehensive Platform- Channel advisor's repricing Technology makes a million of price changes daily on behalf of our customers. All from within a comprehensive platform that manages all aspects of your marketplace business Alternatively Channel advisor elevate provides a standalone Amazon repricing solution


When you sell products online it is always difficult to find the right feed management platform adapted to your needs especially when the issue of multi-channel sales come into play.

1)It’s not simple and it doesn’t run itself. you need to run it - they can do it for you ($) or you can have someone internally can manage it. Finding someone to help you run it is not impossible, but it’s not easy either.

2)You always need to be above their minimum bar, would rather say you need to have your near term for sights on marketplaces which is most difficult to analyze.

3)The biggest challenge or criticism of any third party is to connect you to marketplaces and that you need to do it theoretically on yourself though the APIs are free and ultimately you need to pay the marketplace's % of sales also. This is not necessarily indictment, but it is the fact and untimely limits at the high end what the service can charge.

4)Percent of sale, it’s not " cheap" for what it does.

5)Cost and hassle issues.


1)Enables automated delivery of accurate product data to every destination, trouble free management, robust analytics and the capability to expand internationally.

2)Provides data automation, repricing, channel specific templates and integration services to help with win the buy box and grow GMV.

3)Empowers online sellers to expand sales channels, connect with consumers around the world optimize operations for peak performance and provide actionable analytics to improve competitiveness.