Amazon Services

Amazon is known for its interrupt of well-Established industries through technological innovation and mass Scale. It is the world's largest online marketplace, AI assistant provider, Live streaming platform and cloud computing platform as measured by revenue and market capitalization. Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company has individual websites, software development centers, customer service centers and fulfillment centers in many locations around the world.

The way it work is –

i) You Send your product to amazon -

Amazon has about 100 warehouses across the U.S., some of which are over a million square feet. You tell them what products You are sending, and they tell you which warehouses to ship your product to.

ii) They store them in their warehouses –

Once Amazon receives your product, they will sort and add them to their Inventory. Your products are then stored safely in their warehouses.

iii) When the customer orders one of your product, Amazon picks, packs, ships and tracks the order for you.

Amazon takes care of the entire transaction for you. They accept payment and update your inventory automatically. One of Amazon's warehouse workers grabs your product from storage, packs it into a box and ships it to the customer.

iv) They also Handle Returns and Refunds –

Once the customer receives your product, Amazon follows up to make sure they are satisfied with the shipment. They also handle any returns or questions from the customer.


Do you want take advantages of amazon fulfillment? CME offer all amazon related services to your ecommerce business. CME have year of experience in amazon web store. We provide amazon services globally.

To boost your amazon sale, we help out you to do that. We believe in the power of authentic branding and custom-tailored layouts.

CME offers EBC Designing, Amazon marketing services, product listing optimization, seller account management, amazon product research, amazon photo editing services, product keyword search, account audit, Error fixing, Amazon PPC, Amazon ACoS etc.


Our Amazon Services


Amazon Marketplace Services:

  • We advertise your product in most crowded and most famous e-commerce platform.
  • We give Constant updates and reporting on weekly or daily base.
  • We offer Cost effective service that is pay only when customer click on ads.
  • Increase traffic on your brand pages and store front.
  • Targeted sales improvement-We work based on the target, budget and requirement pre-set by our client.
  • Off Amazon Promotion- To target more traffic on your page, we use multiple social media platform.

Amazon EBC Service:

Are you in need of a few extra sales boost? Then we help out to boost your sale using Amazon EBC service
  • Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) allows brand registered sellers to showcase their listings through enhanced images and text placements. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is the best showcase provided by Amazon to promote your product.
  • In EBC we describe your product with specific images, which likely attract to the buyer and also help out to boost product sale.
  • EBC content is the detail clarified images in product description. Such Content give you a extraordinary benefits and this makes your listing more attractive, effective and scalable.
  • CME Understands your brand and help out to enhance your brand story through custom page selection, layout and theme.
  • Our creation is more attractive and visually appealing pictures with the assistance of top-notch tools and photoshop techniques which always help to edge out your competitors.

Amazon Seller account management:

  • Seller Central Account Setup:  we help out to setup your seller central account and give step by step proper guidance.
  • Product listing:  Listing your product with entire product details like SKU, description, brand, price, etc. We listing product in bulk and also use third party tools for product listing.
  • Inventory Updates:  we will keep track and update your inventory product like out of stock products, most selling products, etc.
  • Negative Feedback Removal:  we remove all negative feedback by applying tricks. We also answer the customer queries and responds to negative feedback.
  • Order management:  We manage and update on amazon your order shipping, refund and return. We also use third party tools for order management.
  • FBA Shipment Creation:  we create shipment plans to deliver product in amazon warehouse with constant follow up and update.
  • Error fixing:  We Fixes all type of and product related errors.

Amazon ACoS :

The ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) is a key metric used to measure performance of your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns. In Amazon PPC advertising, ACoS is everything.

What does ACoS mean?

How to Hit Your Targeted ACoS?

Amazon Acos Strategy. To see more information about Amazon ACoS Services please visit our page...

Amazon photo editing and white background:

  • We have professionally trained graphic designers and cutting-edge techniques to deliver customized, creative and professional looking images.
  • We give pixel perfect image and edited with white background.
  • We deliver jpeg or jpg, png, gif and tiff type of image.
  • We give properly light and high-resolution images.
  • Remove watermark, background, border and shadow.
  • Image quality checkup, Noise reduction.
  • Customize image as per requirement.
  • Image resizing, cropping, masking, etc.
  • Create Motion graphic 2D and 3D images.
  • For More information Visit Our Graphic design Page...
White Background

Amazon account audit:

  • We do a thorough analysis of your overall account health, product listings, a-z claims, seller metrics, pricing, advertisement campaigns and competitors to identify the potential risks and recommend improvements for the account.
  • CME works with you and increases your performance.
  • We help you to remove negative reviews and feedback.
  • Point out any existing and potential problem.

Amazon Sponsored Ads (PPC):

Sponsored Products is an advertising program that helps you promote the products. We believe in getting the benefit of Amazon Sponsored Ads to boost your sale with fewer clicks. Our PPC service includes promotion at social media, negative keyword list, product campaigns; create new campaigns, performance evaluation at ad group-level, keyword optimization, etc.