A channel Sales Strategy involves using partners and third parties such as referral partners, distributors, managed service providers, marketplaces to sell your product. this is a contrast to a traditional, direct sales strategy in which your company’s sales team is solely responsible for selling products to customers. With channel sales, a growing business can explore new income and revenue streams outside of and in tandem with their in-house efforts.

Advantages –

Scale your business (even if your internal resources are limited) –

Setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company. It means having the ability to grow without being hampered. It requires planning, some funding and the right systems, staff, processes, technology and partners. Channel partners can help you expand your network by getting your product or service in front of those long-tail clients you’d otherwise have trouble reaching. Once you amass several long-tail clients through channel sales, they could end up making up the bulk of your revenue.

Enter new markets and expand globally –

Expanding into global markets presents different challenges and approaches that work for one company may not work for another. Considering localization as a key factor for global growth is essential and businesses looking to grow need to dedicate time, energy and capital to truly knowing the areas they are hoping to expand into.


Enter New markets and expand globally –

Channel programs are a low risk and low-cost approach to opening new geographic regions where a company does not have existing resources, or where they want to test or establish the market, expands Scott. expand into new markets want to boost their sales and have identified a market in which they can see the potential for growth. This can be a fine balance to achieve, as you need to ensure you keep current, loyal customers on side while impressing and persuading customers in the new region.

Introduce your products to different customers –

Introducing a product is an investment. One that requires careful planning and organizing if you want the launch to be successful. It is crucial for your business’s growth and profitability.

We Support Different Integrated Ecommerce Platform or Multi-Channel eCommerce Software Globally.

ChannelSale is an e-Commerce platform for online retailers and Brands that facilitates centralized management of multi-channels, comparison shopping engine and affiliate networks without having to invest time, money and resources for creating individual offers for each channel.

Channelsale provide multi-channel software solution and automating sync of product listings, inventory, orders across Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google, Facebook, Jet and +200 more shopping sites globally via a single software interface.

CME support all feature which given by Channelsale like Product listing, Order management, Inventory and FBA management, Price optimization, Reporting.

To stand out among this e-commerce business competition CME provide all services with Channelsale to all type of retailers and brands.


Our ChannelSale Services

  • We Upload Products in Bulk to Your Seller Account.
  • We write the different set of business rules or even tailored to meet your requirements.
  • We also provide using ChannelSale Magento Extension, your existing product listings, inventory, orders & shipping tracking.
  • We setup the US / EU marketplaces integration on ChannelSale.
  • We give variation listing for parent child products.
  • We provide services of category mapping by creating a taxonomy mapping spreadsheet to listing your product in proper categories.
  • We provide inventory management services like priority to stock up, inventory planning and supports, inventory updates, etc.
  • We provide FBA inventory management services like FBA shipment, FBA inventory, old excess inventory, etc.
  • We provide services of price optimization, sync with multi-channels, repricing business rules, etc.
  • We support order API management, FTP/HTTP management, 3rd party order Integration, Multi-Channel Sync Orders & Shipping Tracking Data, etc.
  • We give all type of reports info like SKU activity, inventory history, sales reporting, bulk upload history, etc.