Seller Cloud is a cloud-hosted eCommerce solution designed to help online retailers. The software offers simplification, synchronization, and automation tools that empower online retailers to overcome the challenges they face in business, especially for those with multichannel selling operations. The advanced platform of Seller Cloud provides users with a suite of tools and functionalities to seamlessly manage the entire scope of multichannel retailing. From warehouse to inventory management and listing publication to marketplaces, order processing, shipping, and accounting integration, Seller Cloud does all the needed work. Its one-stop solution streamlines most of the complex eCommerce operations, allowing businesses to get better control and view of their sales. It is an eCommerce software company dedicated to helping online retailers meet the challenges of multi-channel selling through synchronization, simplification, and automation. It is a single-source eCommerce management solution that integrates with more sales channels than any other provider on the market today. With no per channel fee, your eCommerce business can explore sales on every leading marketplace and also updates channels with shipping confirmation and tracking information, and can manage returns, refunds, and cancellations across marketplaces. Seller Cloud is the only software that you need to effectively and efficiently grow your e-commerce business. We have spent more than a decade working with a wide demographic of merchants to create a robust and flexible set of tools that can be easily adapted to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.


  • Seller cloud support product Kits – Seller cloud supports grouping multiple products into a kit. Each kit has a single SKU so you don’t run the risk of overselling any of the components.
  • Seller cloud keep track of warehouse transfers –Seller cloud can keep track of your inventory as it moves between warehouses and bins. You remain aware of the precise location of your stock every step of the way.
  • Seller cloud handle expiry dates, batches, lot numbers or serial numbers –We have all of these features. We’ve made sure to give you maximum control over your inventory. With Seller cloud you can track your stock on a granular level.
  • Seller cloud support the use of different currencies –Seller cloud supports multiple currencies. The reporting suite can apply foreign currency conversions for your convenience. If you prefer to use your own conversion rates then there is an option to override this feature.
  • Seller cloud show reports with my best-selling products –Seller cloud’s reporting feature helps you track the sales performance of products across all channels.
  • Seller cloud have a predictive purchasing feature –Seller cloud’s predictive purchasing feature lets you know when, what, and how much to order, based on your sales history.
  • Seller cloud also be used for order fulfillment –Our Ship Bridge desktop application, you are able to manage the fulfillment of your orders from start to finish. Pick, verify and pack your orders with unparalleled efficiency, print shipping labels and create shipping rules.
  • Seller cloud handle returns –Order returns are fully managed through Seller cloud. You can handle return shipping labels, refunds, and exchanges all from a single interface.
  • Seller cloud grant different access rights to employee –You can set Seller cloud to restrict specific employees' access in a number of ways: give users access to select companies, certain webpages, and even specific functionality by assigning different roles to each employee. You can also hide all costs related to purchasing products from your employees who don’t have Admin access.
  • Manage images in Seller cloud –You can easily manage all of your catalog images from our website. For more advanced features our Image Bridge application allows you to easily edit, watermark and upload product pictures, search for SKUs and browse image files.

We Support Different Integrated Ecommerce Platform or Multi-Channel eCommerce Software Globally.

SellerCloud innovative platform provides a powerful set of tools to manage the full scope of multi-channel selling. SellerCloud is especially recommended to those businesses who handle many online orders from different sources.

CME offer inventory and warehouse management, account integration, as well as publishing listing to marketplaces, to order processing and shipping, this all do with SellerCloud.

We provide with SellerCloud single point entry catalog for all product specifications to retrieve product information, including descriptions, images, prices and details, from multiple sources.

To stand out among this e-commerce business competition CME provide all services with SellerCloud to all type of retailer and brands.


Our SellerCloud Services

  • We upload products in bulk to your seller account on SellerCloud.
  • We listing products at once on multi-channel on your SellerCloud account.
  • We offer product image management, professional photo editing and photo retouching services for multi-channels.
  • We offer retrieve product info from multiple sources, including amazon listings and vendor feeds.
  • We offer shipping, warehouse, inventory management services.
  • We support multi-warehouse management
  • We keep inventory sync across all channels within less time.
  • We keep track your purchase order, updates and provide full support for order management.
  • We give FBA shipments set up, automatic order routing to FBA, API access.
  • We give all type of reports info like inventory history, sales reporting, bulk upload history, etc.