Feedvisor helps BigCommerce businesses that sell on Amazon to optimize their repricing and inventory related decisions. Feed visor’s algo reprice enables merchants to win the Amazon Buy Box at the highest possible price while synchronizing prices with their BigCommerce store in a smart and consistent way. Feedvisor's Revenue Intelligence dashboard provides actionable insights and practical reports based on big data, empowering merchants to stay ahead of the competition by making smarter business critical decisions in real time. The AI-powered optimization and intelligence platform for brands and sellers on Amazon, Walmart, and e-marketplaces, today announced a dramatic expansion to its industry-leading advertising solution.

Features and Advancements -

Search Graph and Product Sphere Technologies –

Feedvisor leverages proprietary AI to understand and grow share of voice and automate all aspects of keyword harvesting and forecasting. Product Sphere technology pinpoints direct and indirect competition on the product and search term level, and Search Graph identifies the most relevant and impactful search terms for each unique ASIN in your catalog. Together, they enable Feedvisor’s platform to allocate resources toward the keywords that will have the greatest impact over time.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Harvesting and Deep-Learning Bid Predictor –

Feedvisor continuously evaluates and then generates precise bids based on the actual semantic relevance of keywords to the product being advertised, attributes of the product, and the performance of the campaign. Then its engine effectively allocates budget across keywords to achieve optimal performance and avoid wasted ad spend on low-performing keywords.


Algorithmic Auto Structure –

Feedvisor’s platform seamlessly connects organic and paid traffic metrics by establishing the relation between products and advertising campaigns through automatic campaign structuring. This allows the platform to track advertising metrics on the product level and create linkages between advertising metrics, operational metrics, and organic sales, and then automatically generate SEO recommendations based on the data generated through each individual advertising campaign.

Automated Campaign Management –

Feedvisor’s AI monitors and automatically optimizes advertising campaign structure when changes are made to the catalog, advertised products, or campaign objectives. This eliminates the risk of human error, saves precious time, and yields stronger results.

Advanced User Interface and In-Depth Analytics –

Feedvisor’s intuitive user interface learns and adapts to user behavior and automatically alerts customers with the most valuable updates and optimization actions. Customers have access to in-depth, real-time performance analytics across advertising campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and products.

We Support Different Integrated Ecommerce Platform or Multi-Channel eCommerce Software Globally.

Feedvisor is the “AI-first” optimization and intelligence platform for large sellers and brands on Amazon. Feedvisor use world's most cutting- edge technology to grow your business on amazon.

CME have extensive knowledge of Feedvisor platform. Feedvisor provide featuring platforms like Price optimization and intelligence, Advertising Optimization, Brand Optimization, Business and Operational Intelligence.

CME support all feature which provide by Feedvisor to amazon Sellers and Brands, like amazon FBA shipment, amazon business pricing, multi-channel business pricing, Profitability dashboard, Product tags, API access, EBC template, Amazon Storefront, etc.

To stand out among this e-commerce business competition CME provide all services with Feedvisor to all type of retailer and brands.


Our Feedvisor Services

  • We setup the amazon marketplaces integration on feedvisor.
  • We write the different business rules for your business benefits.
  • We set up repriced on your Inventory to determine the right price.
  • We provide FBA inventory management services like FBA shipment, FBA inventory, old excess inventory, etc.
  • We add different product variations like color, size and submit on Multi-Channels.
  • We provide amazon services to US, EU and CA countries.
  • We support multi-warehouse management
  • Create a validate spreadsheet to your seller account when you are in trouble.
  • We support SEO analysis and keyword research; this will help you drive more search traffic to your listings.
  • We support pay-per-click advertising campaign manager services.
  • We give all type of reports info like inventory history, sales reporting, bulk upload history, etc.