.jet Marketplace Services

Jet Marketplace is an ecommerce site for a network of third-party sellers, also called Jet retail partners. The site allows shoppers to buy from third parties to find the lowest price for a particular product. Jet is a small ecommerce startup. Like lots of other online marketplaces, you can sell anything from makeup to home furniture on Jet. It can gets compared other shopping sites for two main reasons, low prices and a large product catalog.

it operates a fair marketplace by providing better prices for shoppers and higher profitability for sellers. it’s clear they are having a dig at the online retail giant’s reputation for competing with its own sellers. Jet achieves this fair marketplace through their proprietary system, matching sellers and buyers based on a number of factors in order to keep costs as low as possible.

Jet operates using a product-oriented-catalog, which means there is only ever one listing for a product and it can be fulfilled by any number of retailers. When you submit data on a product, it is compared against Jet’s database to see if it exactly matches an already listed product. If so, you can start selling that product immediately as long as you are an authorized seller. However, if your product does not match an existing listing, then it is put in a queue for a member of the Jet team to manually review and approve or reject the product. If it’s approved, a new product listing will be created for you and added to the product catalog.

When you shop on Jet, you don’t select the seller you buy from. You choose the product you want, and Jet will select the seller they believe is the best fit on a number of factors, such as:

1.The size of your customer basket (how many items you are ordering)

2.Your location as a customer

3.The location of the goods

4.Whether the ordered products are all in the same warehouse or spread out across different locations

5.Your choice of paying full price for a product with less service options or paying full price to get full returns service.

Our .jet Services

CME provide services to small, medium all type of seller to stand out from the business competition. We give first priority to your requirements. We work with you through every step of process.

.jet is ever-growing E-Commerce marketplace easily.

We have Expertise in Bulk Product listing, error fixing, and also data feed management for .jet marketplace.

  • We upload products in bulk to your seller account.
  • We upload products description.
  • We add different product variations like color, size, etc.
  • Using third party tools we provide different type of services
  • We offer professional photo editing and photo retouching services
  • We give inventory feeds.
  • Tax Mapping