Solid Commerce is a cloud-based solution that enables online sellers to manage listing, inventory, repricing, content, orders and shipping across multiple eCommerce channels. and it gives you a complete solution for selling online. Sophisticated inventory management software matched with dedicated support saves you time and boosts your sales. it is a web-based to listing and pricing items, to managing vendors and orders, to fulfillment and shipping. Solid Commerce mentions a reporting dashboard with access to your best and worst products, financial reports, and various other helpful reports. They also offer accounting with QuickBooks. These reports help you make decisions on purchasing new products, sales channel performance, financial and tax assistance, and more. We also sync your sales orders and purchase orders to QuickBooks.

Three Levels of Information –

Marketplace level information –

Marketplace Level information varies for each marketplace, but examples include: price, title, and category. When active listings are imported from a marketplace, we automatically save all of the imported data in the correct level of information. Ex. Market Auto Rule, List Name, PO Sources, Quantity Expression. eBay - eBay BIN, eBay Start Bid, Apply eBay Template, eBay Category, eBay Store Category, Shipping Fees, Parent SKU, eBay Variation Group Amazon - Amazon Sell Price Exp, Amazon Comments (Condition Notes), Amazon Catalog (for creating new listings using Amazon's Flat Files).

Inventory level information –

Inventory Level information includes data specific to a Warehouse or Vendor Inventory List. You can add a product to multiple Warehouses, with each Warehouse having a different quantity, storage location, and acquisition cost. Ex. Quantity, Warehouse Name, Cost, Storage Location.


Product level information –

Product Level information is info that characterizes your products. Product Level information doesn't change, regardless of which Warehouse or marketplace you add the products to. Ex. Product Name, SKU, UPC, Weight, custom Product Attributes (such as Size, Color, etc.), image URLs, descriptions for each marketplace.

We Support Different Integrated Ecommerce Platform or Channel Management Softwares Globally.

Solid Commerce helps you grow your marketplace sales by providing the most integrated Software as a Service eCommerce operations platform coupled with Marketplace Growth.

CME support Solid Commerce to manage all marketplaces inventory like amazon, ebay, Walmart and many multi-marketplaces.

SolidCommerce expand your selling to channels quickly. CME have expertise team which have extensive knowledge of Solid-Commerce services like product listings, inventory management, orders fulfillment, price, post shipping information, etc.

To stand out among this e-commerce business competition CME provide all services with Solid Commerce to all type of retailers and brands.


Our SolidCommerce Services

  • We upload products in bulk to your SolidCommerce account.
  • We support from editing live listing to managing variation on different channels.
  • We write the different set of business rules or even tailored to meet your requirements.
  • We setup the US / EU marketplaces integration on SolidCommerce.
  • We listing your product by creating a virtual kit or bundles on your channel account.
  • We keep track your inventory when you are selling on marketplaces.
  • We support drop-shippers management services, the inventory atomatically updated to your favorite marketplace.
  • We provide inventory management services like priority to stock up, inventory planning and supports, inventory updates, etc.
  • We provide FBA inventory management services like FBA shipment, FBA inventory, old excess inventory, etc.
  • We provide services of price optimization, sync with multi-channels, repricing business rules, etc.
  • We Support Order API Management, FTP/HTTP management, 3rd party order Integration, Multi-Channel Sync Orders & Shipping Tracking Data, etc.
  • We give dashboard and all type of reports info like SKU Activity, Inventory History, sales reporting, bulk upload history, etc.