Business Process Outsourcing is an important component of Business Strategy of major organizations worldwide. BPO is positively related to the quest for more efficient organizational designs: cost reduction, productivity growth and innovative capabilities. Hence, BPO is important source for strategic advantage. Many recent market research surveys have indicated the CEOs around the world across all the companies feel that BPO is key strategy for survival in today extremely competitive business environment. BPO offers many benefits. It allows the organization to concentrate on their core activities by releasing resources which have constrained in non-core activities. It helps organization cut costs by reducing HR Costs - salary bills, perks, employee benefits, administration overheads. The client only has to pay for useful quality work duly completed by BPO. It helps to reduce recruitment and training expenses. It helps Improve quality of service and productivity by bringing greater accountability and transparency in production standards. It enables an organization to get increasing volume of paperwork and routine administration work done quicker and at significantly lesser cost. BPO also offer 24 X 7 X 365 service availability which is very important in customer service-related operations.

Back Office Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services:

An organization’s back-office management can significantly impact its success. Large volumes of data accrue on a daily basis, from various transactional processes such as order fulfilment, applications processing, transaction processing, billing, and collections that require effective back-office solutions. CMEinfotech is a reputed leader in empowering numerous global businesses and organizations through high quality back office BPO services that promote enhanced business efficiency and improved bottom-line.

Strengthening Your Back Office Administration:

CMEinfotech expertise’s and helps us to tailor customized back office BPO services that match your business needs. We aim to enhance your service delivery excellence while ensuring compliance with company-followed quality and security standards.


  • We have a strong and efficient back office support team.
  • The team provides 100% quality work and also the TAT is maintained.
  • There are various projects being taken care of at our back end office.
  • We provide the accurate and fastest support to our client.
  • We also provide customer support for various projects.
  • We have a web designing team who design the images and upload them on various sites.

Our Services

CME have many year of experience in Back Office services. CME accelerate the cleansing, normalizing, validation, enrichment, shaping and integrating of all data rich information that’s deserving your clients. Therefore, you get more opportunities to derive better quality result.

Data Entry services

  • 1. Online data entry :  we provide basic range to high range services like data extracting and reentering data on website, image, form, database, etc.
  • 2. Offline data entry :  CME offline data entry services include URL list collection data capture, form filling, form processing, image file, web pages, etc.
  • 3. Image data entry :  We offer scanned image data entry, image entry into spreadsheet, image entry into database, legal document and catalog entry, etc.
  • 4. Data capture :  we can scan in bulk your documents by using OCR software, and then input new records as your choice in MS Excel MS Word, etc.
  • 5. Data Extraction :  We extract data from different sources like images, documents, database and websites.
  • 6. Date enrichment :  Data enrichment service includes processing of correcting errors data, deleting redundant data and sometime adding additional info data.
  • 7. Invoice data entry :  We provide services all invoice factory industry, logistic, retail, manufacturing, etc.

Data Processing services

  • 1. Order processing :  Our service includes inventory management, order fulfillment, order tracking, return order processing, payment transaction processing, etc.
  • 2. Survey processing :  CME offers survey creation, survey design, survey scanning, data collection, survey analysis, database creation, etc.
  • 3. Form processing :  Expert in form processing and data entry, document processing includes medical form, insurance claim, tax form, etc. We have knowledge about scanning using OCR, ICR equipment to render form in a clear and manageable format.
  • 4. Image processing :  Image processing services includes image clipping, cropping and resizing, image manipulation, image database, etc.

Data Conversion

  • 1. Data Digitization :  All kind of data Tranformed using OCR which includes Typed text, Printed Text, Hand written text, Text Image, etc.
  • 2. Document conversion services :  CME offers DWG to JPG, PDF to DOC, DOC to TIFF, Excel to HTML, image files to XHtml, word formatting, etc.
  • 3. XML Conversion services :  We offer different range of XML Conversion services like text to XML, PDF to XML, Html To XML, Word to XMl, etc.
  • 5. HTML conversion service :  Over Html conversion services include Text to html, Image to html, PDF to html, XML files to html, Print document to html.

Web Research

  • 1. Data Mining :  We summarize unsorted financial, marketing and other business information from hundreds of websites, B2B and B2C websites, online portals, networks, blogs and forums to deliver a compact knowledge base and opportunities for our clients.
  • 2. Internet Search, Product Research, Market Research, Survey, Analysis, etc.
  • 3. Web search and online Form Entry and web-to-web entry

Data Scanning

  • 1. Graphic images :  Using Photoshop we give white backgraound images, image cleansing, image processing, logo design, 3D rotating image, Gif, TIFF, etc.
  • 2. OCR Services :  Document scanning is a process of scanning the paper documents and converting them into image formats. We offer both services High speed OCR scanning and mannual data entry.
  • 3. Technical Instruction manuals

E-Commerce Customer support service :

  • 1. Order Processing for the worldwide top marketplaces + Individual stores
  • 2. Customer support and Services (Phone, Email, Chat)
  • 3. Handling claims, returns and refund management
  • 4. Feedback improvement / Neg feedbacks removal
  • 5. Account performance and Health monitoring
  • 6. Weekly Profit / loss reports


Small & medium businesses are impacting our economy. SMB section is growing and playing important role in Indian economy but Small businesses have their own challenges. They always look for more time, money & resources. CME Infotech understands their need and working for their success from last 10 years. During our journey of these years, we seen problems, we discussed SMB challenges and offered various solutions. With vast knowledge of processes, IT enabled solutions, time & money saving techniques CME Infotech introduced " BPO services for Small & medium Organization"

There are number of small works which are although not your niche but you have to do that because it's part of your business. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is well established practice which is majorly used by all big businesses around the world. So far BPO is considered business practice for corporates or big institution but CME Infotech is here to break this myth.

1.HR services: Pay-roll administration, training & development, record keeping, performance appraisal records etc.

2.Invoice factoring Support: We specialize in providing back-office support to invoice factoring companies, approached by the customers for quick money.

3.Accounts and finance services: In account and financial outsourcing, we promise for confidentiality, data security, risk management and improved.

Efficient cash-flow management, methodical accounting, and compliance with industry regulations are central to the financial well-being of any enterprise. CMEinfotech comprehensive suite of customized Finance & Accounting BPO services enables your business to enhance its operational and financial agility by streamlining and optimizing key processes.

4.Underwriting Process: It involves understanding the customers’ expectations with respect to insurance, cross verifying various documents etc.

5.Back-office Services: We at CME involve domain experts and well-trained executives to execute our client’s project.

Our BPO services help businesses grow and move on to a bigger and better venture. while you concentrate on growing your business, we manage non-essential parts of your business and help you focus on core functions.

6.E-commerce support Services: Product management, cart management, offers and deals, order fulfillment, customer support, after sales support etc.

The global eCommerce sales continue to increase, driven by strong consumer demand. Despite this, many ecommerce businesses find it challenging to manage increased product data volumes, ensure accuracy of their Commerce product data, deliver superior customer service and execute reverse logistics including aftermarket customer service and order fulfillment, during peak times.