Walmart is an invite-only marketplace, which means you’ll have a little more lead time to launch. There are many benefits of selling online with Walmart. You’ll have access to 440 million+ customers who visit Walmart itself, and can also take advantage of affiliate websites including Better yet, there aren’t any monthly, annual or initial setup fees. Walmart uses commission fees only. Walmart has opened thousands of stores in the U.S. and expanded internationally. Through innovation, we're creating a seamless experience to let customers shop anytime and anywhere online, through mobile devices and in stores.

Our Walmart Marketplace Services

CME offer bulk product uploading, images and publishing services on walmart marketplace across globally.

  • Category Mapping: By creating a taxonomy mapping spreadsheet to listing your product in proper categories.

  • Tax Mapping: We will get mapped your products with tax settings.

  • Manual Data Feed: We will arrange your product data into custom data feed to submit on walmart.

  • Amazon To walmart: We collect your amazon products data and push on walmart marketplace.

  • Supplier Data: We upload product data to your seller account from supplier spreadsheet.

  • Existing Item: We help you to create new listing and which does not match existing product list.

  • Shopping Cart to walmart: We collect your shopify, Bigcommerce and other shopping cart products data and push on walmart marketplace.

  • Original Files: To edit our work we provide all original file to you.

  • Bulk product Listing: We upload products in bulk to your seller Account.

  • Image mapping: We map your product images from your website or suppliers spreadsheet with the image URL.

  • Inventory Feeds: To match your supplier we create bulk inventory import spreadsheet.

  • Shipping Override: We help put you to assign a shipping rate on product by product level.

  • Product Matching: We can help you match items across your competitor sites to give you and helps you optimize your critical product data and information for business.

  • Product crowling : We Grab product data from website front design by product crawling.

  • Images editing: We offer professional photo editing and photo retouching services including product image enhancement, image cropping, image manipulation, image masking and image resizing work, etc.

  • Variation support: We add different product variations like color, size and submit on walmart.

  • Temporary Image server: We temporary host your product images while your marketplace downloads into your account. This is important since if you have your images in local folder.

  • UPC Codes: We help out to get GS1 UPC code for your product. By using UPC code Discounts can be applied quickly and also helpful for B2B transaction.

  • MCF - Fulfillment by Amazon: We help out to you grow your business with amazon fulfillment network.

  • Validation: We create a validate spreadsheet to your seller account when you are in trouble.

  • Third Party Tools : Using third party tools we provide different type of services like product listing, product description, product SKU matching.

Key Success Factors in Walmart –

I. Strength in Both in Store and Online Grocery Sales -

Walmart is the largest grocer by sales in the U.S. According to Packaged Facts, 59% of grocery shoppers have purchased groceries from Walmart in the last 3 months. Consumers that shop for online groceries at Walmart are drawn to low prices, one-stop convenience, brand selection, and curbside service.

ii. Broad Financial Services Offerings –

Walmart is not only a leader when it comes to grocery sales, it also offers the broadest array of consumer financial services compared to other major retailers. the biggest payoff for Walmart may be the role of financial services in boosting store traffic. When shoppers visit in-store bank branches, for example, they are likely to pick up a variety of other groceries and merchandise at the same time.

iii. A Large Base of Customers That Buy Pet Products –

Another area where Walmart shines is in selling pet products. More pet owners purchase from Walmart than any other retailer, according to Packaged Facts. Of the 67 million pet-owning households in the U.S, 43 million shop at Walmart.