Case Study

Website Design


  • CME maked multi-center management solution.
  • Transparency among all users.
  • Smooth conduction and consolidate data.

2. New Era Task Management System

  • Schedule the task and send messages.
  • Reminder message to employee.
  • Admin get status of task.
  • One time process of task addition.

3. Apeaze

  • Invoice data read using OCR.
  • Invoices related operations.
  • Does not need to entered invoices data manually.
  • Save time and work burden.

1. Channeladvisor case study

  • ChannelAdvisor helps operate, optimize and grow.
  • Increased e-commerce sales and revenues by more than 100%.
  • Different types of error fixing.
  • FBA features (Dashboard, Inventory Management).
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking.
Store Front-End Design

1.Party toys store front design on Ebay

  • Party toys store front designs is without JavaScript.
  • Display related product with main product.
  • Increase party toys sales.

2. ProPiercing store front design on Ebay

  • Their existing template replaced with our new tremendous designing.
  • Product listing using Channeladvisor.
  • cross promotion platform.

3. WorkGlovesDepot store front design on Ebay

  • Store front look a mini-website.
  • Rotating banner link with categories.
  • Cross promotion On product description page.

1. SEO case study

  • Improve organic traffic through online promotion.
  • Promote across social media platforms.
  • New keywords ranking.
  • Content audit to find out keyword rankings of the content.
  • Steady blog publishing.
  • Website structure refinement.

1. E-commerce inventory management case study

  • We support globally different marketplaces.
  • Fixes inventory errors.
  • Uploading clear quality photos and description.
  • gives good customer experience.
  • Prevent overselling.
  • Efficiently managed and sync inventory.